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Underwear online shop ARDI

ARDI lingerie – a dream of every woman

What makes a woman elegant, desirable and attractive? It is stylish, chic lingerie of first-rate quality. Not to make a blunder and buy a proper thing, one should choose a recognized and approved brand. Our online shop officially represents ARDI Dutch trademark.

What are ARDI advantages?

A reputable manufacturer always complies with comfort and quality standards. Once you make your choice in favour of ARDI, you would feel an evident comfort of the offered goods. You will become the brand’s lover at once.

Any ARDI models
Are of a unique design;
Every model of a new collection is based on new fashion designers’ sketches. All underwear sets are matched individually. All collections are output in a strictly limited quantity.
Pass through a multi-stage quality control;
The goods are checked at every production phase. Lately, before tagging and packaging, they are checked in the warehouse. While processing an order for a particular client, each item is double –checked immediately prior to its sending to a client.
Have an excellent fitting;
The goods are produced according to the accurately checked patterns, taking into account a long experience, set up on the analysis of end customers’ preferences. Bra cups are devised in accordance with the company’s developed patterns.
Are manufactured of up-to-date textiles according to the latest fashionable trends;
The goods are made of modern fabrics that have been developed with the use of unique technologies. An exclusive design of fabrics, embroidery and lace. Collections are devised according to the latest world tendencies.
Are marked for an excellent quality and do not fade in the process of wearing and washing on condition of following care advice labeled to each item;
Quality of all the goods is guaranteed by the manufacturer and tested during the preproduction validation process.

Despite the recommended hand washing, the articles survive well multiple machine laundry with a selected program of delicate wash. Care advice imply a good safety margin.

Women's lingerie and many more

ARDI e-shop assortment is wide and diversified. You can easily search goods with the help of the catalogue examining every detail of models on the photos. Using the catalogue, you can order lingerie online to your liking for everyday and for special occasions.

Woman’s underwear section of e-shop offers an array of

Comfortable homewear

Comfort always and everywhere is the brand’s motto. ARDI online shop offers a specially designed homewear that will help you to relax after a working day, restore your feelings all this time staying beautiful. All homewear models shown in the online-shop are known for a high comfort level, which they provide to its owner. Every detail of ARDI garments serves this aim.