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Seemingly, it makes no difference what such a small article of woman’s wardrobe is made of and what it is look like. Why worry and waste your time for choosing a proper model, fabric and its producer? And here it is! It turns out that these factors are of great importance and have a considerable effect on the mood, emotions and health of woman. That is why, when choosing panties for woman, one should be guided by brand reputation, modelers of which foresaw all the possible nuances and ways they can influence woman’s body. Let us have a closer look at the goods offered by ARDI trademark.
If one gives a more careful thought to underwear issue, it will occur that lingerie is the closing we wear most of our time. And what is the main thing about lingerie wear? It is comfort. This clothing article has the closest skin contact, yet in the spots most sensitive and tender. This is the reason why it is so important to choose good ones.

Criteria of high-grade ARDI panties

Hygiene criterion. During the day, skin pores excrete secretion, which is absorbed by the underwear fabric without exciting further skin irritation. 

Comfort criterion. Neatly made stitches and threads clamping do not form small knots and roughness, thus not hurting the body and not causing discomfort. 

Elasticity. Keeping in view woman’s body features, a specially designed cut allows the model elegantly fit a woman’s body consequently making her more confident and positively disposed. 

Practicality. Fabric characteristics and quality of the article excludes changes of shape and color even if often washed. 

Besides that, ARDI couturiers took into account women’s mixed preferences and diversified models into: 

• strings and low-waist briefs; 

• lace panties; 

• silk and cotton panties; 

• multiple and single colored. 

Even the choosiest women will be able to pick up suitable underwear that will meet their requirements.