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What is more important in woman’s garments: a fur coat or lingerie? Most likely, the majority of votes will be cast for lingerie. Why so? That is simple. A fur coat can be changed for a coat, a jacket, a puffer jacket, but a set of exquisite high-grade underwear cannot be replaced. Therefore, you see ARDI catalogue plentiful of lingerie models capable to meet the requirement of the best part of fashionable women.
What makes a woman look sexy and feminine, what makes her confident of her seductiveness and irresistibility? The underwear perfectly chosen by quality, shape, color, facture and fabric factors. One psychologist noted that a woman feels assured of her beauty when she has on a set of wonderful underwear beneath her though a simple dress or suit.

Guidelines for size and model choice

Guidelines for size and model choice

The first important thing is size. One should not buy models of smaller sizes supposing that pinching shoulder straps and waist squeezing elastic strings will be unnoticeable under your clothes. You will feel uncomfortable in such undergarments. Try to be precise while measuring you size both not tightening and too much loosening the tape measure. An undergarment should wrap the body and not squeeze it. For this purpose, there exists specially designed body shaping underwear.  But that is another issue.

Models. Here ARDI fashion designers did their best, so there is a wide range of them at your disposal. Particularly:  

• Lingerie for those who prefer high-waist panties;

• underwear and strings; 

• Two-piece low-waist swimsuits; 

• Foam cup and soft cup bras;

• underwire bras and plenty of other types of them. 

Color scheme. Generally, the most asked for models are black bras and beige ones of different color shades. Also, colored models are no less popular with women, chiefly if it is a matching underwear set. Today, there is a popular trend to put on a color-contrast bra with a sheer blouse or lace pullover. It produces a very stylish effect.