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Care advice

Underwear handling tips 

Such delicate underwear articles as corset lingerie need special care. 

Usually, women do not trust the washing of bras to washing machines. However, machine washing is quite possible on condition of setting a delicate mode. If you put a bra in a special laundry bag, there is no need worrying about non-removable build-in pads. In case you deal with removable ones, you can hand wash them in warm water. You should not tumble dry a bra as its shape can be irreparably damaged. When drying, a bra should be clipped by a band (corset) part. 

The more lingerie you have, the longer it will serve you. Moreover, a viraety of models is the guarantee of a perfect bra choice for different occasions. One thing is certain: good lingerie, apart from giving a woman additional confidence, adds to a woman a certain mystery, some kind of secret which a man trys to solve. 

Garments handling advice depend not only on fabric composition (cotton, polyester), but on fabric texture (interweaving), surface facture (raised, smooth etc.), trimming method (print, pastes and others), type of garments (bras, dressing gowns and others). For example, polyamide cloth is not shrinkable and is machine washable with an adjusted normal mode, but to retain a bra shape, a normal machine washing is inadvisable, as the item includes a number of different fabric pieces (from lace to foam and frame). 

In case an item is made of different fabrics, the one demanding most delicate care should be first minded.  

  • Before washing check to the sewn-in care label.
  • Hand washing is preferred for the bras, but the machine washing with a delicate cycle in cool water is also allowed.
  • For new garments, 1or 2 hand washing it is recommended.  It is especially concerns dark or multi-color materials, which have an excess of dyes. This excess is to be took away by hand washing.
  • If you use a washing machine, put underwear into special bags. It is especially recommended for washing bras with wire, who can be torn and spoil the machine.
  • Hook the bra before throw it in the wash.
  • Separate laundry according to type of recommended washing.
  • Wash separately the new colored laundry.
  • Wash separately the colored and dark laundry. 
  • Wash laundry from synthetic fibers and their blends separately from cotton and linen.
  • Washing lingerie, consider a mild detergent.
  • Incorrect dosage of detergent can cause damage to the laundry. Recommended dosage is indicated on the detergent packaging.  
  • Do not use bleaching agents, if it is not otherwise specified on the label.
  • Do not soak colored materials.
  • If the care symbols indicate a delicate washing cycle, halve the amount of laundry. This will prevent it from excessive twisting.
  • Remember that elastane (Lycra) can't tolerate boiling and chlorine bleaching. 
  • After washing new or strongly colored garments, wash your washing machine.
  • Periodically clean the filter of the washing machine (if it has one).
  • Never twist underwear. Use a towel to blot up excess water.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not dry underweat under the sun. 
  • Lay the garments flat to dry. Make sure the cups of the bra aren't misshapen or folded.
  • Store the garments lined up.
  • When ironing, follow the recommended temperature.
  • Misshapen or folded cups can be smoothed with steamer.
  • Keep in mind that even with proper care, the recommended life of the bra is 2 years. Buy new underwear!


The material for swimwear exposed to extreme conditions: the remnants of sweat, cosmetics, sunblock, chlorine from swimming pools, sea salt. All this leads to premature aging of the material. To avoid this, wash swimwear after each wear. For washing, it is best to use a detergent for colored fabrics.



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