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A basic, essential piece of woman’s clothes that is of great interest and concern with women. Where, how to choose and which one? Why this bra wears long retaining its original shape and durability of that one lasts only until first wash? How to make a proper choice? Naturally, one should trust an approved brand, the one that enjoys authority with customers and offers only top-quality goods. For your disposal, you can view bras produced by ARDI trademark. Many women, familiar with the brand, already appreciated quality and convenience of these goods.
Certainly, it is possible to buy a cheap bra but of a vague origin, which could have been sewn by a handicraftsman in a cellar and passed off as a high-quality item. But is it worth to waste even not much of money not to have received a thing that will please, beautify you and give a good service.

Why choose ARDI?

Firstly, it is a huge number of various models. As a rule, every woman tries to have at hand several models. For this aim, surfing the catalogue’s pages, you can select appropriate variants of women’s bra. The following variety is presented for your choice: 

• foam cup or semi-padded cup bras; 

• soft cup or molded cup bras; 

• low cut bra or full cup bra; 

• lace or smooth cup bra; 

• push-up and balconette bras. 

Secondly, it is a rich color gamma. You can sort out color shade of a bra to the most extraordinary attire. Another alternative is picking up a model contrasting with the tone of the garment put on top of lingerie. In addition, you are invited to purchase your favorite bra pattern in different color variations to wear for all sorts of occasions. 

Third, it is a superb bra quality. Fashion designers of the famous brand stick to the long approved and carefully modeled cut that takes into consideration the anatomical construction of woman’s body. Size of a bra cup always corresponds to its number. Main material, accessories, threads also undergo a strict scrutiny and testing in terms of conformity with the quality standards. Therefore, ARDI lingerie 

• does not lose shape after washing;  

• does not stretch; 

• does not form pills; 

• perfectly keeps the form of an article; 

• comfortable and cosy.